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Check out this fantastic article my alma mater, Women’s Wear Daily, ran on me and Sarah. I worked there from 1992-1996, covering the beauty business just like Sarah did at FDG. And two of my bosses there inspired Sarah’s bosses, Michael Gallagher and Nils Petersen—even though both Michael and Nils are their own people.

WWD's 9/29/2023 BeautyInc magazine featured Sarah and Cara

Sara and I were featured in Womens Wear Daily’s Beauty Inc magazine

While the beauty industry is always dynamic and exciting to me, many thrilling things were going on in it in the 1990s that we take for granted today. These include the rise of makeup artist lines, the discovery of alpha-hydroxy acids as a critical weapon in the anti-aging skincare arsenal, and Sephora’s U.S. debut.

I couldn’t be more delighted that my buddy Faye Brookman Campeas, who started there at the same time I did, wrote the piece. And that Jenny B. Fine, who joined the beauty team there shortly before I left in 1996 to go to YM magazine, is now its executive editor. You can read the interview by clicking the link above


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