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Notorious NYCK Guest blogs on Handful of Salt

by Notorious NYCK March 26

So I’ve been moonlighting for It’s the brain child of my incredibly chic and brilliant buddy Regina Connell, and features the last word on the most glamorous artisanal products and their creators.

For my virgin Handful of Salt voyage, I profiled indie fragrance artist Yosh Han, who creates exquisite, one-of-a-kind custom scents and the amazing Evanescent ready-to-wear line.

The goal of each of her creations isn’t to merely scent the wearer, but  also to “Entice the senses, fascinate the mind and enchant the soul,” a process she calls, “Trans-aromation.” Each Yosh fragrance is vibrationally attuned and designed to resonate with the principles of Chakra energy and numerology. Pisces girl that I am, I just eat that stuff up.

For more on Yosh Han, check out And stay tuned for a post detailing my personal fragrance consultation with Han, which included espresso, industry gossip and an enlightening aura reading.

Ciao for now my friends. Stay happy and healthy.


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